When we experience relationship problems that we can’t solve, we can feel pain, loneliness
and even despair. Often when there are sexual issues with one partner, this negatively impacts both partners and the relationship outlook in general.

Whatever relationship difficulties you are facing, Alicia can help you understand why things are
not working and what steps you can take to make things better. Unresolved resentment
and angry or sad feelings build up over time and can be very destructive to your relationship.

Relationship counselling is a way of helping you through times of distress or difficulty as a
couple, or on your own, by talking to someone trained to help you explore your concerns.
Sessions will help you understand your relationship more clearly and support you to make
changes for the better.

You may be feeling that things with your partner are not quite right and just need someone to
talk to, to resolve issues early on. Or you may have more long-standing concerns or serious issues. You may wish to explore difficulties in a relationship that has now ended so that you
can move forward more positively.

Common Relationships Difficulties include:

- Feeling like you just can't communicate with your partner anymore

- Worn out by the cycle of arguments/fighting about things that you can't resolve

- Experiencing sexual issues/loss of interest in sex

- Dealing with the impact of an affair or porn/sex addiction

- Feeling disconnected from each other

- Unhappy in the relationship and trying to figure out if there is a future together

- Struggling with the impact of life changes such as marriage, children, health issues

Relationship Counselling can help you get your relationship back on track.